Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Initiative - Be a Scooper, Not a Pointer

I was introduced to an interesting leadership book a few months ago. The book is called "The Dog Poop Initiative" by Kirk Weisler. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, the what initiative? The title got my attention, I had to read it. The book is set up like a children's book and is a quick read.

The Moral of the Book

A man takes his dog on a walk to a park. The dog leaves a messy surprise while the owner conveniently turns his head. As people visit the park they point out the mess, but no one does anything about it. A soccer team points it out and then plays around it. Then a man enters the park and notices the mess. He scoops it up and throws it away.

Pointer or Scooper

The book illustrates two types of people: pointers and scoopers

Ask yourself this question as you approach problems in life, business, management, and leadership, "Am I a pointer or a scooper?"

Pointers: Easily point out what is wrong, why something is not working, or who caused the problem. Of course, this is easy to fall into this category and just point.

Scoopers: Recognize the same problems pointers do, but instead of just pointing, whining, or blaming, scoopers take initiative to solve the problem.

Next time we are tempted to just point let's remember this great book and take the initiative. Scoopers are the types of leaders, managers, team members, and friends we enjoy associating with and more importantly are the those who make the biggest impact to companies, organizations, and society.

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