Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lady Gaga's Brand Positioning

Lady Gaga, what more can I say.

Over that last couple of years we have been accustomed to Lady's Gaga's crazy antics. You never know what she will be wearing or what she will be doing next, she is constantly keeping us on our toes. If she were a product, her go to market strategy would always be very guerilla and atypical. She understands her market perfectly. So why would she host a thanksgiving special on a night filled with family and turkey. Would she be wearing a turkey?


I was intrigued by how she might position herself during a thanksgiving special, I decided to watch it. Would her crazy antics be too much for parents and grandmas, this was no Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Special.

I sat down to watch

Perfect Brand Positioning

So remember, families across the United States all gathered in front of the fire, stomachs full, to watch "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving". So how would Lady Gaga use this opportunity. All I can say is that she seized the moment. She knew her audience and positioned herself perfectly for those who would be watching.

She made Grandma proud by singing with Tony Bennett. She intrigued parents as she visited her old private school, prepared a meal with famous chef, Art Smith, and sat down with Katie Couric to answer important questions that many people have always wanted to know. She was not dressed in a turkey dress, but very elegant dresses that positioned herself as a rising starlit. Tony Bennett even called her the next Pablo Picasso. All I could think was how well she seized the moment and positioned herself perfectly for the opportunity she was given. I can see Grandmas across the country saying, "That Gaga isn't so bad"


3 Positioning Tips From Lady Gaga

1. Know your audience

2. Deliver a message specific to your audience

3. Deliver brand emotions that resonate with new markets

To say the least, I was very impressed by Lady Gaga's positioning

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