Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eliminate Challenges in 6 Steps

Challenges arise in business and life. Many times these challenges create roadblocks. Roadblocks impede progression. Last week I heard an awesome business leader, Paul Anderson, speak on 6 steps to eliminate challenges. Here are the 6 Steps:

6 Steps to Eliminate Challenges

1. Identify the Challenge

Identify the challenge. It might help if you answer this simple sentence, "The roadblock is being created by (insert challenge)". Make sure you identify the root cause of the roadblock or challenge.

2. Capture Ideas

With your challenge clearly identified, make sure you capture the ideas (the solutions). These ideas will come at random times. It might be when you first wake up, while you are in the shower, or even out on a run, wherever they occur, you need a good way to capture them. All ideas count.

3. Write Down the Solutions

Write down the ideas (solutions) instantly. Remember this key fact, solutions can be clear one moment and gone the next. You have to write them down. Almost every smart phone has a note app or even a voice memo app. Stop, take a second, write it down.

4. Digest

Steps 2 and 3 are brainstorm mode. Now it's time to digest all your solutions. What solutions can you put in action today? What resources would you need? How long would it take to remove this challenge if it had your full attention? Write down a 3 bullet game plan. It might just be one bullet. Just make sure it's not more than 3.

5. Share It

Now you have something you can share with others. This will help you own it. You have thought about it, identified it, and action planned it. You can quickly get others on board and help you eliminate this challenge.

6. Own It

Yep, get it done.

Of course, be patient. It might take some time. If it is a true challenge or roadblock it will take some time and focus. The challenges of life help us grow to be a stronger people and leaders.
Never give up, the blue sky is ahead.

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