Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 Principles to Put Yourself in Position to Win

Tonight I had the opportunity to listen to, six time Olympic medalist and champion, Jackie Joyner-Kersee as part of the National Athletic Institute speed camp kickoff event. I grew up cheering her on. She is a true champion with a story that inspires each of us to believe anything is possible.

Put Yourself in Position to Win

During her keynote, she said a profound statement, "Put Yourself in the Position to Win." This she explained, was a state of mind, an attitude—as much mental as physical. 

She explained how the 1984 Olympics really drove this point home. Even though crowned with an Olympic medal she felt as if she had much more to give and was personally disappointed with her performance. 

Like any great athlete, Jackie learned from her mistake and would change her approach to training in preparation for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. It paid off and she won Olympic gold in the Heptathlon and Long Jump. 

4 Principles to Win 

Her success, she mentioned, was due to applying four principles. Each of us can apply these and win.

1. Be a Little Better Each Day

Jackie said, "I wasn't the fastest day one. I had to work a little harder each day. I knew if I didn't, another competitor would. I knew as my legs burned that I was improving and becoming better. This is how I really began to grow as a world-class athlete." 

2. Mind Over Matter

Jackie said, "I really had to learn to compete. Not just how to compete physically, but how to compete mentally." I agree with this, it really starts with our attitude. How we approach each day, each challenge, will largely determine if we have the capacity to win.

3. Learn Your Pace

Jackie said, "You must learn your pace. Many athletes would start out fast and slow down at the end. Other athletes would start slow and turn on the kick toward the end of the race. For me it was always knowing my pace. If I trained hard enough than my pace would be good enough to win." 

4. Be the Ultimate Decision Maker

Jackie said, "Many people make excuses for how the day is going or why they are failing. Each of us are the ultimate decision maker of our day. We each need to believe in ourselves. You should never put your self in second place. You need to go out to win. A big part of this is having the right mental state of mind, so the physical can really kick in high gear."

I think each of us can really benefit from Jackie Joyner-Kersee four principles to position ourselves to win. It was a privilege to listen to her speak. 

I also got to take pictures of her as she spoke tonight. These pictures I have highlighted in this blog post.

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