Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mentorship = Power and Success

Watching the two-man bobsled event during the Vancouver Olympic games was quite an inspiration. As I watched each team prepare for the race, take off from the starting line, and zoom down the track to the finish, I saw a correlation between mentorship and bobsledding.

3 Correlations Between Mentorship and Bobsledding

1. The Start of the Race = Receiving Motivation and Inspiration from a Mentor: Just like the bobsled team who pumps each other up with cheers and motivation, a mentor gives inspiration and motivation to the person being mentored. I am motivated and inspired every time I get done talking and learning from my mentors.

2. Jumping in the Bobsled = Guidance in Life and Business: The biggest correlation I saw in bobsledding and mentorship was when the two-man bobsled team runs off the line full speed and jumps in the bobsled. The driver is fully focused on the track while the brake man in the back of the bobsled ducks his head and trusts the driver.

The driver is the mentor and it is key for the person being mentored (the brake man) to believe and trust his mentor because he knows the mentor has proven experience traveling the track of life and business successfully.

3. Finishing the Run = Growth from Continued Mentorship: To finish the bobsled track as a winner, it takes practice. With each mentoring session the mentor should challenge you to do something before you meet again. Take each of these challenges seriously and do them. This is the key to growth. This is how you will go from the brake man to driver and achieve success.

I want to thank my mentors who take time out of their busy schedules to meet with me, teach me, challenge me, and guide me on my quest for success. Thank You!

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