Monday, April 12, 2010

Brand Definition Part 1

When people think of a brand, many think of the logo and brand colors. This is only the first step, the most powerful brands in the world build their brands around this simple definition:

"A brand is the sum total of a company's values as evidenced by how they deliver on those values, at every point of contact."

Powerful brands realize that positive experiences with their customers need to occur at every point along the sales cycle, from awareness to consideration to evaluation to purchase to ownership and all the way to happy customers. Brands that apply this simple strategy take ordinary customers and make them promoters. The great thing about promoters is that they tell their friends. They become the most powerful member of your marketing team.

Below are powerful brands that that understand how to create and maintain their brands at every point of contact. They have built brands that always take care of the customer at every touch point, the true brand definition.

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