Thursday, June 24, 2010

70/30 Rule: The Key to Sales and Life Success

I have a great friend who taught me a very valuable life lesson. This lesson is so powerful, it will change your personal and business life. I call this life lesson the 70/30 rule. This rule is simple, talk 30% of the time and listen 70% of the time. It is harder than you think, but when you can apply this rule to your life it will have a big impact.

Below are the three steps to learn the 70/30 rule and change your personal and business life :

1. Speak Less: No one likes to participate in a one-sided conversation. You all know what I mean, one person talking the whole time about themselves or about their life, this gets old real quick. So next time you begin a conversation remember to talk less.

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions: This takes some practice, but the easiest way to do this is to focus on getting to know the person you are talking to. Ask questions that will get them talking about themselves. You have to remember, people like to talk about themselves and this is what the 70/30 rule is all about.

3. Listen: This is the most important part of the 70/30 rule and it is by far the hardest part, even though it seems so simple. You must really focus, don't wander off in your brain thinking about something else. If you do, you will miss important information and cues that only listening can give you. Once the person you are talking to is finished talking, ask another question based off of what you just learned from listening. This is when the real magic of the 70/30 rule occurs. Listen again, you will want to jump in a begin talking, but remember let them speak and just listen.

Great friends and great sales people really understand the 70/30 rule. Once you finish applying the 70/30 rule to your conversations and relationships in business or life you will begin to make life long friends and build strong relationships. The key is one simple action, LISTENING, nothing less, nothing more.

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