Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Production - 3 Lessons Learned On Set

On Wednesday of this week I was on the set at Metropolis shooting our upcoming marketing videos. Like most days on set, it was long, demanding, focused, fun, and fulfilling. I walked away from the day on set having learned 3 important lessons.

3 Important Lessons I Learned From the Set

1. Be prepared and succeed: Having our script and story board in hand provided a strong focus, direction, and effective time utilization while on set.

2. Roll with the candid moments: Even with a script, some of the best moments of this weeks video shoot were candid, when the actors and people being filmed made the words of the script their own.

3. Create a fun environment: Having a little fun on the set really helped the actors feel comfortable and the takes more natural.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the video shoot and set

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