Friday, January 21, 2011

The Creativity Zone - Where Are You Most Creative?

How nice would it be if you could just turn on and off your creativity. Of course, this is nearly impossible or is it? So many times, finding the creative zone feels like pulling teeth. So how can you find the zone more often where good ideas flow freely and true creativity reigns. I discussed this earlier in a blog post called "4 Rules to Think Free and Be Creative". Click here

Clear Your Mind and Think Positively

The creativity zone occurs when your mind is clear and your thoughts are positive. It is nearly impossible to be creative if you are stressed out, feeling overwhelmed, or have too much on your mind. So if you are feeling a creativity block in your life, you are probably experiencing one of the three scenarios mentioned above.

Do the Following Exercise

Grab a piece of paper, legal notepad, or post it note and write down three activities you love to do. If you are feeling a block in creativity, go do one of them. What you will find is that stress will leave and your mind will clear. Doing an activity you love will create the environment where creativity flows freely, so get ready with a pen and paper to capture your creative ideas.

Where Are You Most Creative?

Like you, my best creative ideas rarely occur at a drop of a hat, they occur most often when I am doing an activity that helps me clear my mind and think positively. For me, one place I can clear my mind and think positively is at the GYM.

At the gym, I carry a clipboard and piece of paper to capture creative ideas. During workouts my mind is clear and ideas flow freely. So if you are having a creativity block, go do something you love and get ready to be transported to the CREATIVITY ZONE.

Backpedaling on a Treadmill at Anytime Fitness

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