Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Building a Value-Added Organization

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear Carine Clark, Symantec's Chief Marketing Officer, speak at the American Marketing Association Utah Chapter Event. Carine is responsible for global campaign and field marketing, partner and product marketing, branding and marketing communications as well as public relations and analyst relations for Symantec.

Building A Value-Added Marketing Organization

Carine shared six ways to build a value-added marketing organization. It was awesome to spend 40 minutes hearing from one of the world's best marketing executives. There was even a Q&A at the end of the event where we asked Carine questions.

Here are her six suggestions:

1. Make sure you build an awesome team: Hire talented and smart people who will give 110% to your organization and the team. Carine said, "It is important to grow people in your business."

2. Make sure you focus on growth:
As marketing professionals it is important to focus on marketing activities that drive revenue, strong revenue growth. You need to make sure that every dollar counts and delivers significant ROI.

3. Make sure that you're are aligned with sales: You need to develop a strong partnership with Sales, enable them to do what they do best, sale. As a marketing professional you need to do what you do best, drive pipeline and shorten the sales cycle.

4. Be willing to lose to win:
As you build a value-added organization you sometimes need to give up something now, to win something better later.

5. Be a master of the math: There is power in numbers. You need to know your business and metrics better than anyone in your organization. You need to understand ways to drive the needle and make money that drives business forward.

6. Have fun: You need to have fun, take moments to enjoy what you do and celebrate with your teams.

It was inspiring to hear from Carine Clark tonight at the Utah Chapter AMA Event. I look forward to more great events from the Utah AMA Chapter.

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