Friday, February 4, 2011

Vision + Teamwork = Success

In a previous blog post called "Video Production - Three Lessons Learned", I discussed the lessons I learned on set while making our new Work Management Vision videos. The purpose of these videos is to help explain our vision of the fast developing market called Work Management. After the video shoot, we followed the following formula to arrive at our desired outcome.

Vision + Teamwork = Success

There was a lot of teamwork as we moved into post production, where we edited down the interviews to match the exact vision message and added screen captures using SnapzPro to provide context. Then music and graphics were added which really gave the video some personality and brought it to life. Below is the final version of the video.

To help you understand Work Management a little more, I have provided a definition below

What is Work Management?

Work Management recognizes that a person’s workday consists of more than simply working on structured activities related to formal projects. A full understanding of workplace activity also considers activities that come from repetitive processes, peers, multiple bosses, from self, and from higher-level goals and objectives. Work Management is a common platform for work that comes to people from a variety of sources and systems.

Work Management provides a space to collect, prioritize and manage your entire work life and provides tools to help people organize and communicate about their accomplishments and priorities. This gives leaders and managers a better understanding of their people’s priorities accomplishments, and status.

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