Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Beat Your 5K Personal Record

Last year I ran my first 5K race and did a blog post about what I learned. One thing I really enjoy about running the same race is the goal or pursuit to beat last year's time.

Don't Make the Same Race Mistake Twice

Learning from mistakes and not doing them again is the key to beating your personal record (PR) on a course you have run before. You can read here what mistakes I did from my first 5K race.

Three Things You Will Need to Beat Your Time

1. A Stop Watch - this will help you keep pace at each mile marker.
2. A Race Plan - understand your mile times (where you need to be and when), so you can stay on pace and beat your time
3. A Course Map - know the course well. There are parts of every course that can make or break your race.

Of course, you have to train evan harder then you did last year.

Did I Beat My Personal Record (PR)?

Yes, as I approached the finish line, I really had to sprint. I knew if I did not give an extra kick I was not going to beat my time. The last few hundred feet were very painful, but worth it as I finished the race and minute or so faster. I gave everything I had and paid for it in the finish line as I almost passed out.


My official time was 21:58 which was a 7:04 minute mile

Race Retrospective (How To Do Better Next Time)

1. I ran my first mile at 5:40 which was too fast. Which really killed me on the last mile which is all up hill. Next year I would like to run the whole race at a 6:30 pace which will put me top 30 of the race and help me beat my time again.

2. The last mile of this race is all up hill. This was my weakest part of the race. Next year it needs to be my best mile. Looks like I am going to do a lot more training running up hills.

I am currently training for my first TRI which is two weeks away.

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