Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unleash Your Talents For Good

This blog post is dedicated to individuals who use their talents for good. Those individuals who use their talents to inspire others. 


Each of us are given talents. Gifts that make us unique. Talents that if used properly can bless lives. Many times we focus on what others tell us to be or what others say is our weakness. The time has come to focus on the positive, on the gifts that make us great. The time has come to unleash our talents. 

Unleash Your Talents

Here are three steps to unleash your talents.

1. Discover Your Talents: What are you good at? Take time to write down what you are good at. Identify them. If you are stumped ask a close friend. 
2. Mesh With Passion: Focus on those talents you are passionate about.
3. Practice: Many talents take time to refine. Be patient and practice

Shine—Do Good

I would like to highlight two individuals who are unleashing their talents for good. Meet Devin Graham, a cinematographer who has captured the world with his breathtaking videos. Meet Lindsay Stirling, a violinist who has captured audiences around the world with her music. 

Both have unleashed their talents for good. Their videos have a combined total of more than 150+ million views and they are just getting started. A few months ago they both traveled to Africa where Devin captured the experience of an Africa tribe who for the first time heard the sound of violin played by Lindsey. The video is a perfect example of unleashing talents for good.

There are people waiting for you to unleash your talents. Life is short, discover your talents. We make this world better by sharing our talents with others. Unleash your talents for good. Start today.

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Sarah Thompson said...

I personally enjoy Lindsey Stirling, so I love how you incorporated her in your post! She is definitely an inspiration to people, and the fact that she did showcase her amazing talent of violin playing to those people, in her video, shows she does want to inspire people. When your goal is to inspire others, you're using your talents for good!