Saturday, October 16, 2010

Favorite Business Trip Must Haves

You are off to the airport for another business trip. Like must business trips, it usually requires a plane, car, taxi, subway, or even train, which means a lot of downtime before you arrive at your prospects or clients. So what are the must have items to make your business trip and downtime successful and effective?

So let's look make a quick list of the basics you have with you:

1. Itineraries and schedules
2. Business cards
3. Laptop with presentation
4. Notes for your meetings
5. Phone
6. Wallet or purse

Now you have the basics, I would like to share my 5 FAVORITE BUSINESS TRIP MUST HAVES, besides the basics, that help me achieve balance, effectiveness, and success on each business trip.

My 5 Favorite Business Trip Must Haves

1. iPhone with all my apps: My iPhone is the tool that helps me achieve productivity and balance during business trips (check itineraries, review my calendar, stay up with email, review presentations, take notes, enjoy music, listen to an audio book, and much more). Having everything at my finger tips brings balance and energy to my business trips.

2. Business Magazine: I like to read a business magazine, my favorites are Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, f
or quick business insight and inspiration. I am a marketer so I like to review ads, messages, and stay up to date on the companies that are really succeeding.

3. Business Book: Can't leave on a business trip without one. I really like the refreshing feeling of keeping up to date on the latest business and marketing methodologies in our ever changing world.

4. Notepad: I like to brainstorm on a notepad. This helps me craft business and marketing strategies, messages, and provides an creative outlet.

5. Running shoes: Running through different cities is inspiring and keeps my energy and creativity level high.

These are my favorites, what are yours?

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